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Smokin’ on the Water: 2012 Urban Art Festival

13 Apr

Tacomans festivate at Urban Art Festival 2011 on Thea Foss Waterway! Photo: Lisa Fruichantie

The Urban Art Festival Crew of 2012 has been busily crafting their eighth annual event, which they swear will be the biggest and BEST alt-stravaganza yet! On the weekend of June 30 to July 1, the festival will be jammin’ at Dock Street Park on Thea Foss Waterway.

Of course, it’s the talent and grit of our local artists who make this event happen, and applications are now open for those wishing to participate as a vendor or performer. To get the lowdown on this year’s festival, we chatted with event and volunteer coordinator, Lisa Fruichantie.

Cool as all get out: Lisa Fruichantie.

TACOMA ARTS: Hi, Lisa, pleased to meet you. Before we talk about the Urban Art Festival, please tell us a little about yourself. You are frequently pegged as one of the most creative, civic-minded – and busy – artists in Tacoma.
LISA FRUICHANTIE: My “careers” all tend to be quite circular and complimentary of one another. First and foremost, I work as the Senior Projectionist of the Grand Cinema. Through Transcendence Designs, I work as a fashion and costume designer, and a consultant. This work obviously goes hand in hand with my three other ventures, which are also stage- and costume-related: for Northwest Staging Sound and Design, I enjoy work as a stagehand, video and lighting technician, event planner and production manager. I also serve on the boards of two non-profits: MLK Ballet and Local Life.

UAF takin' it to the streets. Photo courtesy of Lisa Fruichantie.

TA: You are also the mom of three young boys, you create the freakin’ cool 253 heart hoodies, and you manage a burlesque troupe, the Gritty City Sirens. People will be forgiven for thinking you are an urban myth. And the Urban Art Festival (UAF)?
LF: My involvement with Urban Art Festival has been for seven of the eight years of its existence. I have worked predominantly as one of the festival planners, and as vendor coordinator of the performance and visual art.

TA: Please describe UAF for our readers, and what makes it different from other of Tacoma’s many street festivals.
LF: Urban Art Festival’s mission has always been to share, teach, and learn with our community through art and music and everything that encompasses. That mission in itself is very different from that of any consumer-driven, commercialized festivals you will attend throughout the year. Additionally, our goal has been to breathe life into areas of Tacoma often overlooked as not being “festival worthy” or “not ideal locations”. Continue reading


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