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Exhibition Closing Reception for “Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed”

9 Aug

Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed

Third Thursday in August will mark the last day of exhibition for “Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed” at the Spaceworks Gallery. The gallery will host a reception with live performances by poets, activists, and musicians listed below:

Closing Reception Program

August 17, 2017 6-9pm

Tello Hernandez and the Invisibles

Tello Hernandez

Tello and the Invisibles

The new song or La Nueva Cancion, of Latin America is a musical movement that has its roots in folk music and expresses the concerns, hopes and struggles of the people. It is music with a social message. Not necessarily protest music, but music that speaks of love, hope, justice and equality.  La Nueva Cancion is the voice of human rights. It is music by the people for the people.

Maru Mora Villalpando

Maru Mora Villalpando

Maru Mora Villalpando

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Salmon Banners, Gabe Babcock’s Prints Help Improve Water

28 Jul


Gabe Babcock’s Salmon Banners presented a striking installation in the Woolworth Windows during April-July 2017 round of Artscapes installations. The prints are referencing Northwest Coast style of art, using bold black areas filled in with a split fountain technique. This effect blends two colors, in this case a gradient from a rich red to other colors, including a darker maroon, warmer brown or yellow, each creating a unique print of a fish.

Babcock’s goal is to “provide an image for people to connect over.” His initiative is a “way of tying art, culture and conservation efforts together.”


The artist hangs the salmon banners as if they were actual salmon being hung to dry. The subtle differences in the color contrast the repetitive pattern of the hanging images. Each salmon becomes an individual in a collection, mimicking the diversity that takes place within populations of species in their natural environments.

Babcock’s inspiration for this concept was an indigenous tale from the northwest. According to the story, a Native American family goes to gather salmon from the river, but their children were disrespectful to their family and the environment. To punish the children and teach them the importance of these resources the parents threw them into the river. The salmon saved the children from drowning. With the children safely on the shore the salmon promised to return every year providing endless supply of nutritious salmon as long as the people were respectful to nature. That is why the salmon is shown carrying a child in the prints. This image was used by the indigenous people and placed next to salmon traps to thank the salmon’s return.


The significance and impact of this work, now more than ever, is amplified. We live in a time where habitat destruction, lenient environmental policy and destruction and depletion of our natural resources are becoming increasingly common.

Babcock explains “They [salmon] are a huge part of the Native American culture, a keystone species as well as an indicator species. If a river has a strong run of Wild Salmon it is a sign of a healthy aquatic ecosystem.” Babcock’s artscape is especially relevant today because if we continue mistreating the environment, it will no longer provide us with food.

The banners are also part of a larger environmental protection initiative. Through sales of prints, The Salmon Banner Project donates 100% of profits to non-profit organizations promoting sustainable watersheds. Purchase one of these unique prints and learn more through Gabe Babcock’s website

All photos by Kris Crews

July 20 Art Walk Includes “The New Avant-Garde” at 1120 Creative House and Opening Reception for “Immigration”

19 Jul

July 20, 2017 marks another monthly opportunity for Tacoma to enjoy a wide range of artistic experiences, newest gallery exhibitions, and museum visits with free admission, all under beaming sunshine.

Along with a couple of intriguing events, this month’s third Thursday is also your last chance to visit current round of Spaceworks Artscapes murals and installations. So come out to enjoy an artful evening on July 20th.

New Exhibition Opening Reception

Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed

Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed

“Dream Act” by Raoul Deal, woodcut print

Join the artists and curators for the opening reception of the newest art show at the Spaceworks GalleryImmigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed is a multimedia exhibition about immigration and detention. (read more about the exhibition:

Thursday, July 20th, 6-9 PM
Spaceworks Gallery
950 Pacific Ave. Suite 205 (Entrance on 11th St.),
Tacoma, Washington 98402

Free and open to the public

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Listen to music, poetry, and stories, as well as immigrant rights leaders speaking about the essential contributions of immigrant workers and the oppressive conditions in the Tacoma’s North West Detention Center.


Curated by art critic Susan N. Platt and mural artist David Long, the exhibit addresses the urgent issue of immigration from multiple perspectives by presenting intense work by undocumented immigrants, former detainees, current detainees, DACAs (Delayed Action for Childhood arrivals), college students, grass roots activists, self- taught artists and professional artists.


The New Avant-Garde

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GTCF Honors 10 Pierce County Artists with 10th Foundation Of Art Award

14 Jul

Tacoma, WA – Greater Tacoma Community Foundation will honor ten Pierce County visual artists for the 10th Foundation of Art Award in recognition of the growth of the local arts community since the Award’s inception. This year’s awardees span a wide range of artistic mediums, from painting and sculpture, to fabric and letterpress.

The following artists will showcase their work at a dedicated Spaceworks Gallery show and receive $1,000 each: Mindy BarkerHeather CorneliusTodd JannauschJanet Marcavage, Gillian Nordlund, Nicholas NylandChandler O’Leary, Saiyare Refaei, Kenji Stoll, and Chandler Woodfin. The awardees’ art will be on display at Spaceworks Gallery from September 4 to October 19, 2017. Continue reading

National Basketry Conference and Exhibition Opens in Tacoma July 20

13 Jul

by Lisa Kinoshita

Mosaic-2-1120x256.pngPut it on your bucket list – All Things Considered 9: Basketry in the 21st Century is a blockbuster exhibition presented by the National Basketry Organization (NBO), opening July 20 at the American Art Company in Tacoma.  This biennial exhibition, the ninth in a series, represents the full spectrum of contemporary basketry currently being executed by well-known and emerging artists in the United States.  Showcasing excellence in creative exploration, technique, and craftsmanship, the 70 artworks in the exhibition were juried by Lloyd Herman, the founding Director of the Smithsonian Institution’s Renwick Gallery from 1971 – 1986.

This exhibition poses the question: What, exactly, is a basket? Continue reading

Spaceworks’ Participants Celebrate Tacoma Pride 2017

6 Jul

Tacoma Pride Festival honors the LGBTQA community by fostering pride in each person as valuable, creative members of a diverse population in the South Puget Sound region. This family friendly event begins with flag raising at Pantages Theatre, Friday July 7th and lasts through Saturday, July 15th, 2017. The Tacoma Pride event will be held downtown Tacoma on Pacific Avenue near Fireman’s Park July 8th, 12-5pm.

Join Spaceworks artists and entrepreneur participants in celebrating Tacoma Pride this July with this list of events.

Spaceworks Interactive Pride Art Project

Featured Artist: Saiyare Refaei


Spaceworks partnered with Tacoma Rainbow Center and Artscapes 2017 artist Saiyare Refaei to create a fun, visual art project for the whole community to participate. Find the Spaceworks booth to color in or outside the lines!

Want to help us manage the art at the event? Sign up to volunteer!

July 8, 12 PM – 5 PM
Tacoma Pride Festival
S 9th & Pacific Avenue,
Tacoma, Washington 98402

Destiny City Queer-Fem Con

Destiny City Comics

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Spaceworks Tacoma Receives 2017 NEA Grant to Fund Artscapes

28 Jun

Saiyare Refaei and Tiffanny Hammonds paint Artscapes mural on a boarded up building 11th & Market. Photos by Kris Crews

National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Jane Chu has approved Spaceworks Tacoma for an Art Works grant in the amount of $20,000 for the purpose of supporting the commission of site-specific installations and murals at vacant commercial spaces in downtown Tacoma.

Spaceworks will be one of 1,029 national grant recipients, chosen from 1,728 Art Works applications. The grants range from $10,000 to $100,000 and focus on funding the creation of art that meets the highest standards of excellence, public engagement with art, lifelong learning in the arts, and strengthening of communities through the arts.


The money will be used to continue funding  Continue reading

Deadline Approaching to Apply to Creative Enterprise Tier I – Spaceworks Answers FAQ

26 Jun

CE Fall 2017 banner

Start your own creative business with the tools, training, and support that Spaceworks Tacoma can bring to your idea. Since 2010 Spaceworks has helped over 100 entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses.

One of the programs Spaceworks offers, called Creative Enterprise Tier I, helps individuals or teams to develop business plans for for-profit or non-profit businesses and organizations with focus on creative or innovative approaches.

As the application deadline nears, we would like to answer some common questions about the program:

How does the program prepare me to build a better business?

Creative Enterprise Tier I consists of 14 classes that include market research, legal issues, accounting and financials, visual merchandising, branding and marketing, and more. The participants are partnered with coaches to strategically build their individual business plans.

At the end of the program each business pitches their plan to a panel of experts at Fish Tank, to receive feedback and get a first chance to publicly present their brilliant ideas.

Is this only for startups?

No, this program is designed to help you build a strong business plan no matter how long you’ve been in business. Some of the participants have been in business for several years, and some of them are just starting. What’s most important is that you have a clear vision of what you want to accomplish and we’ll help you develop it further.

Is there a cost to participate?

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NEON 2017 Recap

16 Jun

Check out the highlights of NEON 2017 in this video by Kris Crews

The evening of June 10, 2017, was alight with hundreds of glowing smiles and sparkling personalities that came out to fund the programs for creative entrepreneurs, artists, and makers in Tacoma. NEON 2017 was the second year that Spaceworks held it’s major public fundraiser to offer Tacoma community an invitation to come together under one banner, building a brighter Tacoma.

Spaceworks is grateful to the immense support it received this year. Over 120 volunteers have contributed 685 hours of work. About 350 guests attended the event to raise $50,000 that will directly go to fund programs like Creative Enterprise which supports the growth of small business, as well as Artscapes, which pays artists to install publicly viewable art around Tacoma.

Spaceworks Tacoma NEON Annual Fundraiser 2017

Spaceworks offers artist studio spaces at 1120 Creative House. Less than a year ago they launched the Spaceworks Gallery, which presents 6 contemporary art feature exhibitions a year with artists like Asia Tail who curated “Protect the Sacred” exhibition in January 2017 and donated one of her paintings to the auction.

Spaceworks Tacoma NEON Annual Fundraiser 2017

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Deadline Approaching to Apply to Creative Enterprise Tier I

14 Jun

Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise invites talented individuals from Tacoma with fresh ideas for products and services such as designers, crafters, consultants, organizations, community groups (non-profit or for-profit) and others to apply to the program to build sustainable, profitable businesses.

Deadline is approaching for the next round of applications for Fall 2017 cohort of the training program, called Creative Enterprise Tier I. The deadline is June 29th, 9am, to apply, visit our guidelines and application page.

Twelve participants will be selected to receive not only training, but also individualized coaching and mentoring. They also become a part of the entrepreneurial support network and gain additional visibility through Spaceworks promotions. Find out more at our upcoming Info Session with program coordinator Gwen Kohl:

Creative Enterprise Info Session
Thursday, June 22, 2017

5:00-6:30 PM
Asia Pacific Cultural Center
4851 South Tacoma Way
Tacoma, WA 98409

This training program consists of 14 classes that include topics like market research, legal issues, accounting and financials, visual merchandising, branding and marketing and more.

The participants are partnered with coaches to strategically build their individual business plans. At the end of the program, each business pitches their plan to a panel of experts at Fish Tank, to receive feedback and get a first chance to publicly present their brilliant ideas. Continue reading

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