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Daniella Pavlić / Wet Lives
Tollbooth Gallery, 11th & Broadway
April 20, 2017 –  July 20, 2017

This new body of work is invested in perspectives of labor through various lenses. My work often speaks to indigenous bodies through metaphors found in nature and semiotics.

Two years ago, I moved from Champaign, Illinois to Tacoma, Washington. The landscapes and weather in these two locations are so drastically different, that I couldn’t help but implement a rainy day into this art installation. People of the corn have built networks across the Americas, and this is installation is just one small glimpse into their lives.

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Kari Boeskov / Between
Woolworth Windows 4 & 5, 11th & Broadway
April 20, 2017 – July 20, 2017


shadow and reflection
ground and sky
now and again
object and drawing
here and gone

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Gillian Nordlund / Banners on Parade
Court House Square (Main Hall), 1102 A Street
April 20, 2017 –  July 20, 2017

Gillian presents a series of hand-sewn cloth works inspired by flag design, classic coat of arms styles, and embroidery techniques

  • GLADITUDE: When you can see what’s going right in your life; you have the power to change what you don’t like; you are at peace with yourself and humanity; you appreciate what you have. It gives you power to battle the “NEGATUDES.” This is the ultimate “TUDE”
  • SADITUDE: When everything makes you sad and you can’t do anything about it. Except wake up tomorrow.
  • RADITUDE: No one is raining on your parade. If they tried you have the power to prevent them. You have unequivocal confidence in yourself and humanity; for good reason.
  • BADITUDE: When you’re mad at yourself and the universe for no good reason. You don’t even want to try to fix it.

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Anthony Duenas / syayayəʔ ʔə tiiɫ x̌ʷiqʷadiʔ
Court C alley side of 953 Market St. Building
March 1, 2017 – July 20, 2017

As a member of the Puyallup tribe I feel that art is a very important part of my culture. My goal is to bring back the art form to the southern Puget Sound.

In this mural I’m sharing an old story of Thunderbird and his fight with 5 brothers. After fighting all 5 brothers then he realizes that he would like them to be a part of his family and turn them into humans.

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Saiyare Refaei & Tiffanny Hammonds / 5 Stages
11th Street side of 953 Market St. Building
March 1, 2017 –  July 20, 2017

“5 Stages” encapsulates our version the Stages of Grief: (1.) Shock,(2.) Anger, (3.) Acceptance, (4.) Action and (5.) Gratitude. This wall in particular has been a turning point in Tacoma murals to uplift the truth and possibilities. We wanted to continue that momentum.

These five stages enabled us to pace ourselves in a strategic way, to make the wall interactive and also helped us go through the process of grieving so many things that have happened over the course of this past year. We hoped to represent these stages with (1.) painting the initial wall red to represent Shock. (2.) and (3.) are demonstrated through a call to local poets to share short poems around the themes of Anger and Acceptance.

A big thank you to all of the selected contributing writers who shared their truths: Danielle Jordan, Quinn Brenfleck, Whikid Matticuless, Juliet Meggs, Jessica Rychael, Vanessa Williams, LennEe Reid, Quenessa Long, and Gloria Muhammad. Then came (4.) and (5.) where we chose visual representation of real people living and working near this mural sight who are constantly going above and beyond to do the good work, reminding us to keep an open mind and see the world through a child’s eye, to love ourselves and share our harvest with others. They, so many others and even the most random things remind us to keep moving forward and enjoy the little life-giving things that make our day amidst the heartache and turmoil in this world.

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Gabe Babcock / We Are One
Woolworth Window #1, 11th & Commerce
April 20, 2017 –  July 20, 2017

Long ago a family of Native Americans from a Northwest tribe took their children to collect Salmon they had caught in traps.  The children, however, were disrespectful to their family and the Salmon.  The parents threw the children out of their canoes to teach them a lesson. Seeing the children drowning the Salmon carried them to the surface, and Salmon promised that as long as the people were respectful of Nature, the Salmon would return every year to provide an endless supply of nutritious Salmon for the health and survival of the people. For generations thereafter, alongside the Salmon traps the people placed this image of the Salmon holding a child, giving thanks for the return of the Salmon.

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Gathering: Six Northwest Basketry Artists
Woolworth Window 2, 11th & Broadway
April 20, 2017 –  July 20, 2017

This exhibit, titled “Gathering: Six Northwest Basketry Artists” includes six basketry artists who are members of the National Basketry Organization and they represent the diversity of traditional and non-traditional approaches to the making of Pacific Northwest basketry.  The works are created out of a diverse range of materials using a variety of basketry techniques. The featured basketry artists include: Dona Anderson, Katherine Lewis, Peeta Tinay, Jill Nordfors Clark, Danielle Bodine, and Lanny Bergner.

In summer 2017, the National Basketry Organization Conference will take place in Tacoma, Washington. Tradition and Innovation in Basketry IX is hosted at the University of Puget Sound, July 18 – 23, 2017. For more information and to sign up for workshops visit  ::  ::  ::
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Galen Turner | NEON
Woolworth Window 3, 11th & Broadway
May 18, 2017 –  July 20, 2017

In preparation for Spaceworks’ 2nd annual fundraiser NEON, artist Galen Turner installed a flashy, tongue-in-cheek Artscape in one of the Woolworth Windows. He used traditional, mechanical relays to make antique signs light up in various patterns. You can observe the relay gears animating the signs by opening and closing electrical circuits creating a dazzling, flickering artwork.

Read more about the artist and the Artscape in this Tacoma Weekly article

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Happenings Kiosk, S 13th & Market
January 2017 – July 2017

Passersby and viewers were invited to participate in the creation of RYAN! Feddersen’s mural on the HAPPENINGS kiosk at the corner of 13th and Market in downtown Tacoma. The work invited viewers to interact by using QR Code Reader or mobile browser to visiting the artist’s website where the answered this prompt:

“Please share a hope, aspiration, prediction or other words (500 character limit) that you would like to contribute as inspiration for a public artwork that will be installed on this kiosk. It  can be based on something real, or something fictitious. To submit an image (3MB limit), please use the file upload…” 

Feddersen incorporated elements of viewer submissions into the final artwork within the theme of a fictional bulletin board. Mural was updated April 1st, 2017 as a public artwork generated through fusion of technology and imagination.

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Tim + April / Advertisemounts
Corner of 6th Ave. & Ainsworth
April 2016 – completion of site construction

Over 2,000 feet of up-cycled vinyl billboards depicting where the sky meets the mountains around Tacoma. Tim + April is a creative duo based in Tacoma, WA. Much of their work is inspired by the cities and landscapes they are surrounded by and the places they have travelled through. They like to turn the old into new and the grayscale into color. This art installation was funded and facilitated through a partnership between WC Studio Architecture Agency and Spaceworks Tacoma.

New Artscape at 6th and Ainsworth -Spaceworks blog

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