Past Exhibit: Immigration – Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed

June 30 – August 17, 2017

Closing Reception August 17, Politics, Poetry, Music, FREE

TACOMA, WA – Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed is a multimedia exhibition about immigration and detention on display at the Spaceworks Gallery. Curated by art critic Susan N. Platt and mural artist David Long, the exhibit addresses the urgent issue of immigration from multiple perspectives.

It features intense work by undocumented immigrants, former detainees, current detainees, DACAs (Delayed Action for Childhood arrivals), college students, grass roots activists, self- taught artists and professional artists. The exhibit includes paintings, sculptures, collages, glass arts, films, photography, and videos. The works range from heartfelt to playful, interactive to informative, and poetic to didactic.

At the opening, July 20, and the closing, August 17, the Spaceworks Gallery will have music, poetry, and performances, as well as immigrant rights leaders speaking about the essential contributions of immigrant workers and the oppressive conditions in the Northwest Detention Center.

“Our purpose is to open up the conversation about immigration and to embrace the many ways in which immigrants are the essential fabric of our society,” said Platt. “In addition to visiting the gallery, we invite visitors to participate in various ways such as playing games, manipulating sculpture, responding to interactive posters, or browsing our reading section.”

Participating Artists Include:

Arni Adler, Pavel Bahmatov, Janice La Verne Baker, MalPina Chan, Maria De Los Angeles, Andrea Eaton, Christian French, Tatiana Garmendia, Ricardo Gomez, Deborah Faye Lawrence, David Long, Marilyn Montufar, Pam Orazem, Devin Reynolds, Blanca Santander.

Also on display is the “Migration Now!” portfolio including prints by:  Lalo Alcaraz, Santiago Armengod, Felipe Baeza, Jesus Barraza, Shaun Slilfer and Janay Brun, Kevin Caplicki, Melanie Cervantes, Raoul Deal, Emory Douglas, Molly Fair, Art Hazelwood, Ray Hernandez, Nicolas Lampert, Josh Mac Phee, Oscar Magallanes, Fernando Martí, Colin Matthes, Dylan Miner, Claude Moller, Oree Originol, Roger Peet, Jesse Purcell, Favianna Rodriguez, Erik Ruin, Julio Salgado, Meredith Stern, Mary Tremonte, Kristine Virsis, Peter Yahnke Railand, Imin Yeh, Ernesto Yerena.

Also featured is the “ART & GLOBAL JUSTICE POSTER PROJECT” (UWT) Instructor: Beverly Naidus, artist/writer/activist and associate professor of interdisciplinary arts, UW Tacoma with participating students: Diana Algomeda, Fazeema Bano, George Camacho, Emily Clouse, DA James Christian Flores, Karla Gonzalez, Cassandra Green, Josephine Green, Ryan Hanley, Krystal Hedrick, Natalie Lawrence, Wesley Scott, Carolyn Reed, Levi Reinwald.

 Photos from the Opening Reception July 20, Performances, Poetry, Music, FREE

Closing Reception Program

August 17, 2017 6-9pm

Tello Hernandez and the Invisibles

Tello and the Invisibles

The new song or La Nueva Cancion, of Latin America is a musical movement that has its roots in folk music and expresses the concerns, hopes and struggles of the people. It is music with a social message. Not necessarily protest music, but music that speaks of love, hope, justice and equality.  La Nueva Cancion is the voice of human rights. It is music by the people for the people.

Maru Mora Villalpando

Maru Mora Villalpando

Maru Mora Villalpando, Bellingham, Wa, is community organizer, founder of Latino Advocacy, member of the national campaign Not One More Deportation and co-founder of NWDC Resistance.


Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Ph.D.

Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Ph.D. is the author of several collections of poetry, including the recently released The Runaway Poems, addressing the epidemic of runaway youth.  The daughter of immigrant farmworkers from Durango Mexico, Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs has represented the United States abroad as a Chicana poet, in several countries.

Marcos Martinez

Marcos Martinez

Marcos Martinez is Executive Director of Casa Latina, a worker center in Seattle, WA. Casa Latina serves immigrant Latinx day laborers and domestic workers through employment, education and community organizing. Marcos formerly served as Executive Director of Entre Hermanos, a nonprofit Latino LGBTQ community. Before moving to Seattle, Marcos spent 20 years working at community radio KUNM in Albuquerque, NM.

Rocio Lopez

Rocio Lopez, daughter of Angelica Guillen, is reading poetry by her mother. Angelica Guillen, Professor of Composition and Literature, Skagit Valley College: 1992-2010. Cesar Chavez Human and Civil Rights Award in 2010.  Her heartfelt poetry comes from her life experiences as a Campesina for 18 years, working in Skagit Valley fields while living in a migrant labor camp outside LaConner, WA and her lifelong experience as a Latina woman.



* This exhibit is supported in part by  Humanities Washington.Allied Arts Foundation, the Washington State Arts Commission, and The National Endowment For The Arts


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