Spaceworks Tacoma works with many talented artists, performers, creative entrepreneurs, non-profits and organizations. Below is a list of those projects we have supported through the Spaceworks program since its inception in 2010. The Spaceworks program includes three tracks: Artscapes, Special Project Residencies and Creative Enterprise. Visit each page to learn more.

4th Wall Theater
Acuff, Michelle
Adams, Jennifer
Alana T Photography Studio
Allin, AK Mimi
Anderson, Sisy
Arnold, Cindy

Barbee, Julia
Barefoot Collective
Barrágan, Carla
Bay, Amy
Becker, Saul
Bender, Jessica
Bennett, Gretchen
Blanc, Patrick
Boothe, Allen
Braunfeld, Nathan
Brice, Ariel & Jeannine Shinoda
Brown, Gabriel
Bryan, Alison
Butler, Nick

Campbell, Ian
Carlson, Brett
Cezan, Randy
Cinotto, Laurie
Coma Collective
Concrete Market
Cooning, Celeste
Coss, Mary
Crews, Kris
Chushcoff, Jennifer

DASH Center for the Arts
Dengerink, Erin
DePirro, Barbara
Destiny and Grit
Destiny City Comics
Di Certo, Alice
Dillehay, Kyle
Dobler, Priscilla
Do The Extraordinary
Dotson, Rachel
Dybevik, Nate

Eakins, Shannon
Electricbranch Creative
Entertain U
eTc Clothing Boutique
Eustis, Adele
Everson, Josh

Fab 5
Flaherty, sweet pea
Fleming, Bil
Flett, Aaron
Foster, Laura
Franklin, Tory
Frehse, Becky
French, Christian

Gahan, Elizabeth
Gallery of Ambition
Giordano, Kristin & Mindy Barker
Gray, Benjamin
Gregory, Jeremy
Grey, Acataphasia
Grit City Grindhouse

Hansen, Diane
Hibbard, Rachel
Hirschkoff, Ben
Hochberg, Ellen
Hokkanen, Mirka
Holdener, Eric
Hom, Pamela
Huette, Scott
Hutcheson, Brian

Jansen, Julie
Jason Ganwich Photography
Johnson, Beth

Kagey, Lance
Kaniecki, Michael

Keyes, Alexander
King’s Books
Kinoshita, Lisa
Kupczak, Tania

Lancaster, Meghan
Lawson, Rick
Linde, Nicole
Live Paint
Local Color Photography Studio
Lowery, Katie
Lusher, Anette

Marcavage, Janet
Maxim, Rebecca
McBride, Ashly & Brandon Hendricks
McGee, Scott
Meadow starts with p
Meneses, Maria
Mitchell, Kelly June
Modern Cottage
Mod Curio
Monopoly Entertainment
Montour, Sara

Oates, Amy
O’Leary, Chandler
Olsen, Isaac
Olsen, Sam
Opera Alley/Ruby Chambers
Opie, Alexandra
O’Sullivan, Chelsea

Personal Power Company
Peters, Tiffanie
Peterson, Andrew
Pindell, Diana
Piskorowski, Alyson
Pollitz, Miranda
Pottery Annex
Proffitt, Monika

Richman, Elise
RAGS Guild
Rodney Raccoon
Robbins, Jennifer
Rothenstein, Adam & Rosalynn
Rux, Cheryl
Ryan, Janette
Scoggin, Scott & Jacqui
Sekiguchi, June
Senn, Holly
Shakespeare in the Parking Lot
Sharp, Chris
Sinding, James
Slide Sideways
Smith, Sarah Beth
Snyder, Craig
Songco, Joseph
Spring, Jessica
Spun- Clay Arts Studio and Gallery
Stoekicht, Doug
Stoll, Kenji
Surma, Diana Leigh

Tacoma is for Lovers
Tanaka, Michiko
The Arts & Crafts Press
The Blue Octopus
The TShirt Men
Thompson, Susan
Tomlinson, Ruth
Toy Boat Theatre
Turtledust Media

Vandever, Nichole

Ydstie, Adam

War Experience Project
Worthey, Kristie

Yount, Bob

Zwick, Jennifer

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