Creative Enterprise Training Program


Spaceworks alumni having a panel discussion with the Creative Enterprise class of 2015. The alumni offer in depth stories, perspective, and advice on running a creative business in Tacoma. Photo by Kris Crews

Since launching in 2013, over 40 businesses have gone through the Spaceworks Creative Enterprise Training program.


Spaceworks’ Creative Enterprise Training Program provides participants with the tools, resources and support they need to start a small business or non-profit in Tacoma, as well as build community through peer support and exchange. Participants will not only be prepared to run the various aspects of their business, but also will be able to interact with and take full advantage of resources and partners in the local community.

  • The training program includes assignments, panel discussions, guest speakers and specialized presentations.
  • Peer-to-peer mentorship occurs between participants and business owners in the community.
  • Access to content experts is provided at free or reduced rates, such as lawyers, tax accountants, retail sales consultants, etc.

The program takes place in evening sessions over a course of 3 months. Lessons include crafting your vision, branding, market analysis, funding, partnership agreements, choosing a business structure, licenses & permits, insurance, leasing, how to approach property owners, financial management, trademarks & copyrights, pricing your product/service, marketing, merchandising, and finally… how to pitch your business (photos below).

The entrepreneur training culminates with each participant giving a rapid fire, 3 minute presentation on their business and business model. This presentation is delivered before a panel of local experts who then ask the crucial questions, and provide feedback.

We are excited to announce entrepreneurs of 2016!

Fall 2016

Scott J. Cormier

Splice Welding & Design

Naarah McDonald & Erin Severe

The Productivity Parlour for Artful Living
741 St. Helens, Tacoma

Kalvin Trancao & Sasha Ashworth


Mihael Blikshteyn

Mihael Blikshteyn Photography

Monique Smith & Roshaun Yates


Rochelle Bergstrom

Elope 253

Aaron Schmookler & Adam Utley

The Yes Works

Josiah French & Devon Baldwin


Jeff Southard & Abby Kok

Swoon Records

Spring 2016

Tara Brown

Sunday Morning Coffee featuring Cora Coffee Roasters


Steve Buchanan


Sean Patrick Burke
with Erik Bernard and Adam Hobbs

Have Not Films

Silong Chhun

Red Scarf Revolution

Clarissa Gines and Rosemary Mathison

The Culture Shock Collective

Stella Kemper and Rebecca Parson


Michael Leveton

Lucha Libre Volcánica

Stephanie Lile

Bering Street Studio

Martha Lucas and Janelle Abbott

This Then That

Christina Murray

Explore It Scavenger Hunts

Richard and Clemmie Penton

Sky Movement Creative

Jessica Prindel

Tacoma Thrift and Consignment

Erika Ray


Kellie Richardson

Brown Betty

Liz Van Dyke


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