write@253 brings you the Hilltop Times!

30 Aug

Students at write@253‘s summer camp were busy exploring the Hilltop neighborhood the past few weeks. The stories they found – including interviews with local businesses and reviews of food, services, and even an over-the-top garden – can be found in the pages of their newspaper, The Hilltop Times! Click on the images below to read the stories, or stop by write@253 to pick up your own hard copy.

Hilltop Times, front page. Click image for a closer read!

Hilltop Times, back page. Click image for a closer read!

write@253 is a writing center for students ages 6-18, offering a range of  innovative programming, including one-on-one tutoring, free workshops, a drop-in writing room, and creative publishing opportunities. Spaceworks Tacoma is proud to support write@253 with a six-month Creative Enterprise Residency in the Hilltop neighborhood where a staff of about 20 volunteers, including college-level instructors and staff, began tutoring in April. The write@253 creative engine is modeled after 826Valencia, a non-profit writing center founded by author and TED Prize-winner Dave Eggers, in San Francisco. Write@253’s mission is to inspire the writer who lives in everyone, by nurturing creativity and celebrating the tremendous talents of our community. Visit the writing center at their Spaceworks location, 1310 MLK Way, or visit their website here: www.write253.wordpress.com.

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